Cologne, Germany, August 2009


ICFE’7, Photos Gallery


ICFE’7, LeCoq de Boisbaudran Senior Award

The awardee is:

Professor Claude PIGUET, University of Geneva.
For his seminal and insightful contribution to the thermodynamics of lanthanide-containing self-assembled lanthanide molecular edifices.

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Professor Piguet research Group

ICFE’7, Research Award

Professor Jean-Claude BUNZLI , EPFL-Lausanne ( Laboratory of Lanthanides Supramolecular Chemistry) has received the Research Award.

ICFE’7, Poster Award

The awardees are:

Daniel Bojer, Ajaj Venugopal, Ina Kamps, Norbert W. Mitzel, C-H Activation in Rare-Earth Metal Tetramethylaluminates Induced by a Neutral Ligand
Christoph Schädle, Christian Meermann, Karl W. Törnroos, Reiner Anwander, Rare-earth metal complexes bearing bulky phenyl(trimethylsilyl)amide ligands
Viktor Bezugly, Frank R. Wagner, Quantum Mechanical TM-RE Bonding Analysis in Position Space: Methodology and Application
L. Moriggi, C. Cannizzo, A. Ulianov, E. Dumas, C.R. Mayer, L. Helm, Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Gadolinium Chelates as High Relaxivity MRI Contrast Agents
A. Kaminski, A. Duzynska, A. Suchocki, M. Bettinelli, High-pressure luminescence studies of f-f radiative transitions of Yb3+ ions in GdPO4
Anthony S.R. Chesman, David R. Turner, Glen B. Deacon, Stuart R. Batten, 3d/4f Heterometallic and polycarbonatolanthanoid complexes


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