Wroclaw, Poland, September 2006


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ICFE’6, LeCoq de Boisbaudran Senior Award

The awardee is:

Professor Jean-Claude G. BUNZLI, laboratory of supramolecular chemistry of f-elements, EPFL, Lausanne.

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ICFE’6, ERES Junior Award

The awardee is:

Dr Daniel JAQUE GARCIA, 33-year old, from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.
During his short career, Dr Jaque Garcia has authored or co-authored 110 papers; 96 are listed on the Web of Science and his citation count is around 750.




ICFE’6, ERES Junior grants

ERES Junior stipends granted:

Last name
First name Supervisor Country
Eliseeva Svetlana N. Kuzmina, Moscow Russia
Escande Aude C.Piguet, Geneva Switzerland
Kedziorski Andrzej L. Smentek, Torun Poland
Kotova Oxana N. Kuzmina, Moscow Russia
Law Ga-Lai Wing-Tak Wong, Hong Kong China
Salamakha Leonid S.I.Mudryi, Ukraine Ukraine
Vanyunin Mihail V. Boris Malkin, Kazan Russia